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Maritime Commercial Intern Opening at Shell


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07 February 2019 - 07 April 2019 2019-02-07 00:00:00 2019-04-07 00:00:00 Asia/Singapore Maritime Commercial Intern Opening at Shell Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Information Systems or Engineering Degree holders / Final Year students N/A Shell Shipping & Maritime
Shell Shipping & Maritime
Target Audience

Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Information Systems or Engineering Degree holders / Final Year students

How to Register

Interested applicants may send their applications with a comprehensive resume with qualifications, work experiences, current & expected salaries, notice period and contact details to Pui-Mun.Lau@shell.com.


Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Information Systems or Engineering Degree holders / Final Year students


Shell Shipping & Maritime has openings for:

MARITIME COMMERCIAL INTERN (15 March 2019 - 15 July 2019)

Job Description

The Maritime Commercial Intern will be working on China Shipping Strategy & Regional Port Call Optimisation / Digitalisation Projects.

The intern will be supporting commercial development in NEA region and supporting regional maritime efficiency projects.

  • Deliverable one
    • Providing a comprehensive Shipping strategy for China, by liaising with key stakeholders based in the NEA region and by conducting extensive due-diligence and market research into regional dynamics.
    • Directly supporting APME Commercial Development Manager in understanding the market landscape for ports in China with the potential for the expansion of Shell’s strategy and business in China.
  • Deliverable two
    • Jointly design/develop/implement with Refinery key stakeholders on Digitalisation solutions for the Refinery Oil Movement & Wharf Operations to improve process transparency/visual management, automated intelligent workflow & productivity (people & assets). Aspiration of 1 scalable common mobile digital user-interface platform (e.g. Salesforce) that are seamlessly connected with back-end systems. Longer term objective: Replicate solution to other Refinery processes & Shell Businesses.
    • Digitalisation of the Refinery Oil Movement & Wharf Operations will lead to direct benefits in terms of delay/demurrage costs and time savings for the business. The dollar value of the optimisation project is estimated to be at least $1M.
  • Allow interns to independently manage their own area of responsibility in their preferred way of working, whilst still receiving management support
    • In both projects, the intern will be given leverage and support in using his/her specific skillsets to contribute to the projects within the Commercial Development/Maritime Efficiency Team. The intern will also have regular meet-ups with his/her line manager, as well as his/her assigned mentor to discuss the progress of the internship and learning points.
  • Allow interns sufficient exposure to the Shell environment by meeting and working with a variety of people
    • Through this internship, he/she will be expected to independently liaise with, and work very closely with, key stakeholders in the region: including Maritime Technical Advisors, Commercial Development Managers, Maritime Efficiency Managers and members of the Trading & Supply, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Integrated Gas, New Energies and Global Commercial division. Through these interactions, it is hoped that the intern will develop a strong fundamental and operational understanding of the Shell businesses and Shipping & Maritime function.
  • Allow interns freedom to incorporate their own ideas into their work
    • In the many projects, the intern will be expected to tap on his/her skillsets to contribute uniquely to the Commercial Development/Maritime Efficiency Team. The intern will also be expected to creatively contribute to the ad-hoc projects that are assigned.
  • Enable interns to put into practice and develop skills that they currently have as well as those important in an organisational environment
    • The intern will be expected to develop and grow his/her skillset further by spending time with key stakeholders in Shell.

Applicant Requirements

  • Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Information Systems or Engineering Degree holders / Final Year students
  • Analytical
  • Possesses knowledge in Economics, Process Improvement, Project Delivery, Supply Chain Optimisation, Information Technology (e.g. Salesforce)


Shell started life as a shipping company in the late 1800s and has had a continuous presence in the industry ever since. Today, Shell Shipping & Maritime is the Group’s centre for maritime expertise, providing commercial, ship management and technology services, along with assurance advice to internal and external customers.

The Challenge

The shipping of oil liquids and natural gases is vital to maintaining energy security, particularly in regions where indigenous resources cannot keep up with demand for power and mobility. Equally, oil and natural gas exporting countries depend heavily on shipping to honour their contracts with importers.

Many companies – including Shell – are investing to develop alternative and renewable sources of energy. But oil and gas will remain very important in the energy mix to 2050 and beyond. During that time, about three billion more consumers will be added to the world’s population.

And living standards in fast-growing, highly populous economies such as China and India are expected to see dramatic change. The global economy and global energy consumption will undoubtedly continue to fluctuate, but the underlying trend in energy use will still be up – and so will demand for shipping.

Meeting that Challenge head on

The Shell Shipping & Maritime is based in London, with specialist centres in Houston, The Hague, Singapore, Perth and Tokyo - networked to maritime professionals across the globe. Offering high level expertise and decades of experience, we provide group businesses and operations with an unmatched and vital resource.

The organisation’s work supports many of Shell’s success stories: For example, in liquefied natural gas (LNG), and in marine elements of floating production and storage systems. Shell Shipping & Maritime enables the Shell Trading organisation to deliver safely on its contracts.

We safeguard Shell’s standards and reputation regarding maritime safety, environment, vessel quality assurance, oil spill preparedness, port and berth assessments, and emergency management.

We carry out audits as a governance assurance process for all group businesses with exposure to maritime activities and shipping.

Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Health, safety, security and environment are of paramount importance – not only to ensure we don’t injure anyone or do any damage while oil and gas is kept moving, but also to retain Shell’s licence to operate and underpin our reputation as a responsible company committed to sustainable development of the world’s resources. Working with industry bodies, our business partners, governments and neighbouring communities, we are engaged in a constant improvement effort.

Carbon management is essential to counter the climate change implications of the world’s increasing energy use. While shipping in general contributes only a small proportion of the global emissions total, there is still a contribution this sector can make to improving the global outlook. We support developments to achieve more accurate measurement of shipping emissions, and look for ways to reduce our own operational impact through energy efficiency, equipment specification, and more.

Find out more about how we're responding to climate change.

Security can be difficult to maintain in today’s geopolitical and commercial climate. Shell Shipping and Maritime collaborates with private and public bodies across the spectrum in order to develop and deploy robust systems for security management.

Comprehensive hazard analysis and a holistic view lie at the heart of our approach to anticipating and managing any challenging situation – whether it is preparing the ground for a new project, overseeing day-to-day operations, or dealing with an oil spill or an act of piracy.

Our approach to security.

Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Find out more about Shell Shipping and Maritime on their Company website.

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