Maritime is steeped in the lifeblood of Singapore, with its illustrious relationship tracing back to its beginning as a hub for entrepot trade in the nation’s early days. After playing such a critical role in Singapore’s development from a third world to a first world nation within one generation, the maritime sector now continues to be a significant engine of growth for Singapore’s economy, making up 7% of the nation’s GDP and employing more than 160,000 people in various technical and commerce related functions.

Singapore has grown with and seen the maritime industry through each significant development in the last couple of decades. Maritime Singapore’s evolution to remain competitive against strong international competition sees the public and private sector partnering and working in tandem towards developing research and development capabilities and building up a highly skilled workforce across the diverse maritime sectors.

To maintain its long-term competitiveness as a leading International Maritime Centre (IMC), Maritime Singapore is committed to building up its capabilities in each of its main sectors: Port, Shipping, Shore-based Maritime Services and Offshore and Marine Engineering.

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