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The job scope of a deck officer includes the following:

  • Ensures safe navigation of ship, passengers, crew and cargo onboard by monitoring and maintaining procedures for fire hazard and damage control requirements.
  • Observes national and international codes of conduct in guiding sea transportation
  • Cargo handling and care for people on board the merchant fleet

Junior officers (Class 3) earn a monthly salary of about $3,200 per month and can work their way up to be a ship Captain, earning a monthly salary from $11,300 per month.

*Source: Data from industry surveys conducted by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). The data reflects the indicative monthly basic pay and excludes fixed bonuses, variable bonuses, overtime pay and allowances. Actual salaries may differ due to market conditions and company/organisation policies.


  • Certificate of Competency (CoC) (Deck Officer) Class 3
  • Basic Safety Training Certificate
  • Ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Ability to lead and manage a crew
  • Interest in a seafaring career


Opportunities for deck officers go beyond seafaring. As deck officers rise through the ranks, they can draw from their leadership experience accumulated from careers onboard ships to take up management positions such as marine superintendents in maritime companies (i.e. move to shore-based jobs).


Iskandar Bin Hasan Chief Officer at CMA CGM Group

Iskandar Bin Hasan is responsible for his crew’s welfare and training as well as ensuring the safety of the vessel’s cargo and passengers.

“When we have freshmen joining us, I usually attach them to senior crew members so that they can learn from their experiences and have someone they can talk to in a new environment. Likewise, the seniors get to be a mentor, further maturing in their seafaring roles.”

Read more about his maritime journey here.

Milli Koh Chief Officer at CMA CGM International Shipping Company

Milli Koh shares about her typical day and duties onboard the ship, and why she loves her job.

“I love making friends with the crew of different backgrounds and learning about their cultures. These are unique experiences that not many would have in their lifetime. When the ship calls at the various ports, I look forward to the local food and shopping!”

Read more about her maritime journey here.

Baby Tan Shi Ni 3rd Mate at Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd

Ms Baby Tan Shi Ni shares about the need to keep up with the trends as a 3rd Mate at Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd.

“One of the changes that I have observed since I have started sailing would be the improvement of welfare for seafarers. The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) was implemented in 2013 and it sets out the seafarers’ rights to decent conditions of work. For example, under the MLC, each seafarer is required to get a certain amount of rest in a certain period,” she elaborates. The implications of this are evident especially for someone in her role – as they would be better equipped to handle the stress of ensuring the vessel’s safety.

Read more about her maritime journey here.


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Marine Engineer Officer
Marine Superintendent
Diploma in Nautical Studies
Tripartite Nautical Training Award
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